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August 13, 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review: Has Urban Decay Finally Hit All The Right Notes?

Urban Decay has been my favorite makeup brand for over 10 years, but I, like many others, have been critical of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Past problems have included an overabundance of shimmery shades with few mattes to help create a full look, and palettes featuring too many of the same tones, thus reducing the number of looks that could be created. UD has clearly been listening to our criticism by the looks of the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, but did they finally get it right or is there still something lacking? Today, I’m giving you an in-depth review of the palette, as well as what I would have done differently if I had designed this palette.

Disclosure: I purchased this palette with my own money. This post does not contain affiliate links.

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July 14, 2017

Innovative Makeup Alert: Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara Review

Ever struggle to get the little curly lashes at the edges of your eyes coated in mascara? Ever make a mess of your eye makeup trying to reach them with a traditional mascara wand? The Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara is finally here to address that problem.

Disclosure: I received Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara complimentary for review purposes from Influenster. This post is not sponsored. This post does not contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own, honest opinions and experiences.

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June 15, 2017

Lipsticks Most Likely to be Hiding in my Handbag

We all have those lipsticks that never seem to make it back out of our bags once they go in. The one we search our stash for only to find it hiding in a purse or a pocket later. Rather than sharing my favorite lipsticks (could I even narrow it down?!), I’m sharing the lipsticks I reach for in a hurry, the über wearable ones that I know I can always rely on, and the lipsticks I just can’t seem to stay away from. It’s kind of a parade of neutral pinks and browns, but there are a few wildcards in here that you might not expect. Here’s to the lipsticks that never let me down!

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Disappointing Products: Spring 2017

Life is full of disappointment, so I count myself pretty lucky when the biggest disappointment of the moment is a beauty product not working out. That being said, it still sucks, so if I can help you avoid the same fate, well, I’m happy to do it. Of course, the things that don’t work out for me might be the perfect product for you, so take your own preferences and experiences into account when reading this post. I like to keep all of my reviews balanced by mentioning both the pros and cons of the products I’m discussing, but today we’re getting extra sassy. Just a bit of good fun, no harm or offense intended, so please don’t take it personally if you happen to love (or made!) any of the products I’m talking about today. Now, let’s unleash the sass fairy…

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May Favorites 2017

Blah, blah, year flying by, blah, blah. Look ma, I’m a beauty blogger! I just finished writing a post on products that disappointed me and I think I forgot to put the sass fairy back in her cage. Hold on, be right back.

Ok, now where were we? Right, May favorites. I haven’t been doing favorites posts every month, so I do have quite a bit to get to today. Some of these are new products, but most are just new to me. Regardless, all of these are top shelf products that I’m excited to chat about. Grab a snack, settle in, and let’s get to it!

Disclosure: Erborian Glow Creme was sent to me as a PR sample, but I’ve not been asked to include it in this post, nor have I been compensated to talk about it. All of the other products in this post were purchased by me with my own money. This post does not contain affiliate links.
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A Tale of Love and Hate: L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Review and Swatch Shade 302 Creamy Natural

Ever love a product that everyone else seems to hate? That’s what happened to me with this foundation, and it’s also the reason it took me so long to get around to reviewing it. I wanted to keep playing around with it to see if I could replicate the issues that other people claimed to have with it, and unfortunately I did. The good news is that I have a few tips to help you out if you’ve already purchased this foundation, but would I recommend you go out and purchase it? Only in a few specific situations, and chances are, you won’t find yourself in any of those situations.

Disclosure: This product was purchased by me, with my own money. This post does not contain affiliate links.

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