March 24, 2019

IGK Mixed Feelings Review

IGK Mixed Feelings Review

IGK Mixed Feelings is one of the most interesting, versatile products to enter the hair care category in the past year. Most blondes will be familiar with purple shampoo/conditioner for canceling out yellow tones, but what if you could achieve the same effect from any of your hair products by adding a few drops of IGK Mixed Feelings? Today I’m discussing my experience with IGK Mixed Feelings and explaining how you can use it to keep your blonde color looking fresh and bright.

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IGK Mixed Feelings

IGK Mixed Feelings is highly concentrated purple pigment drops that can be added to your favorite hair products to tone blonde hair. They can also be used to enhance silver or violet hair. IGK is a cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan brand.

IGK Mixed Feelings Review

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of toning blonde hair, it’s a process based on color theory that uses an opposing color, in this case purple, to cancel out or reduce the presence of another color. For blondes, this is going to reduce brassiness, AKA the yellow and orange tones that blonde hair can take on over time as the underlying pigments in the hair start to creep back in after the hair has been lightened with bleach. Chlorine and sunlight can also cause blonde hair to become brassy more quickly, so you may find that you need to tone your hair after you’ve spent some time in the pool or at the beach.


IGK Mixed Feelings is packaged in a sturdy plastic tube. The cap twists off to reveal a narrow dropper tip, which makes it easy to control the amount of product that comes out. On the bottom of the tube, there’s a soft, rubbery button that will dispense the product if you push down on it. The cap twists onto the product securely and prevents any leaks from happening.

I’m very satisfied with the packaging for IGK Mixed Feelings because it addresses what could have been a major problem. The texture of the drops is very similar to water, so if the dispenser on the product had been too large it would have caused way too much liquid to come out at once. The little button on the bottom is also a great addition because it allows you to have more control over how many drops you use. The only downside to the packaging is that it can be difficult to twist the cap off if you have water or hair products on your hands.


Water, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Dipropylene Glycol, Fragrance, Glycerin, Polysilicone-29, Panthenol, Opuntia Ficus-Indica Fruit Extract, Cetearamidoethyldiethonium Succinoyl Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, Xanthan Gum, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Polysorbate 60, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate, BHT, Glycolic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Coumarin, CI 60730 (Ext. Violet 2).


IGK Mixed Feelings has a lovely coconut scent that’s very fruity and sweet. It doesn’t smell overly candy-like, which is my criticism of most coconut scented products. Even though it’s quite sweet, there’s a freshness to the scent that I think most people will really love. I don’t really notice the scent when I’m applying the product to my hair, but if you’re very sensitive to scent then it might be more noticeable to you.


The texture of the IGK Mixed Feelings toning drops is very similar to water. Maybe a little bit thicker, but basically water.

How to Use IGK Mixed Feelings

IGK Mixed Feelings can be used in a couple of different ways. Firstly, you can add the toning drops to any shampoo or conditioner. I love being able to use them this way because it means I don’t have to switch up my regular hair care routine to use a shampoo or conditioner that’s specifically for toning. I cycle through a couple of different shampoos and conditioners on a regular basis depending on my hair’s needs. Some days I’ll use a dandruff shampoo like Selsun Blue to deal with the psoriasis I have on my scalp. Other times I’ll use something more hydrating like Verb Ghost Oil Shampoo or a hair mask. Sometimes I use a protein enriched conditioner to try to protect my hair from all of the damage I inflict on it through heat styling, coloring, and wearing my hair up so often. If I’m bound to one toning shampoo or conditioner, that means I have to choose to go without one of the other benefits that I could be getting from another product. Now because of IGK Mixed Feelings, I don’t have to give those benefits up.

Alternatively, you can mix IGK Mixed Feelings in with a styling product such as a leave-in conditioner. Whatever product you choose to mix it into, make sure it’s something that you can evenly distribute throughout your hair. If it’s not evenly distributed and you’ve used several drops of IGK Mixed Feelings, it can cause your hair to become more toned in some areas. IGK suggests using Mixed Feelings with something like Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm or Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel (I love using Rich Kid on my naturally wavy hair!). Essentially, you want to mix IGK Mixed Feelings with something creamy.

Using Mixed Feelings with a shampoo or conditioner that you rinse out is going to create a more subtle toning effect, whereas mixing it with a leave-in product is going to produce more dramatic results. You can also control how much your hair is toned by adding more or less of IGK Mixed Feelings. IGK’s dosing chart is really helpful for figuring out how much product to use. Based on the hair color that you currently have (not the color you’re trying to achieve) and the way that you’re using IGK Mixed Feelings, you’ll add a certain number of drops.

For example, I have light blonde hair, I want to achieve deep toning, and I typically use Mixed Feelings with a leave-in conditioner, so I would add around four drops. I actually typically use closer to six drops because I have a ton of hair, so I have to use more leave-in conditioner than the average person, which dilutes the toning drops a bit more. However, to start off with I would definitely use the dosing guide until you understand how Mixed Feelings affects your hair.


Credit: IGKhair.com

My Experience With IGK Mixed Feelings

This is what my hair looked like to start off with. At this point, it had probably been around a month since I had last toned my hair. You can see some of the brassiness coming through on the lower layers of my hair, and especially where my hair transitions from light brown to blonde.

This is what my hair looked like fresh out of the shower. I let it air dry for a bit, but at this point I hadn’t applied any hair products.

This is immediately after applying IGK Mixed Feelings to my hair. You can already see it starting to remove some of the yellow and orange tones in some places. I like to mix IGK Mixed Feelings in with my leave-in conditioner because I like a very icy, cool-toned blonde, and leaving the toning drops in my hair for a longer period of time gives me the result that I want.

Since I have a ton of hair, I prefer to section my hair into four quadrants to make sure everything gets distributed evenly through my hair. It’s actually something I do when I apply any of my styling products, not just IGK Mixed Feelings. I mixed in about four drops of Mixed Feelings to a nickel-sized amount of leave-in conditioner for each section. Then, since I needed more toning in the areas where my hair transitions from my natural color to blonde, I went back in with a very small amount of leave-in conditioner and mixed about six drops of Mixed Feelings in, focusing the product on the areas around my face where the brassiness was most noticeable.

This is what my hair looked like after I curled it the next morning. I can see a spot that I missed near the back of my head, but overall I love the results I got from using IGK Mixed Feelings. Like I mentioned before, just be sure to distribute the product evenly throughout your hair. Also, wash your hands immediately after applying Mixed Feelings to prevent the purple pigment from staining your hands.

How to use IGK mixed feelings

Finally, this is what my hair looked like 24 hours after I applied IGK Mixed Feelings to my hair. My blonde became even icier throughout the day. If you’re wondering whether Mixed Feelings would continue to develop and turn your hair white if you left it in your hair for a few days, the answer is no. I wash my hair once a week, and what you see above is the final result. It never changed color beyond this point even though I left it in for several more days. If you’re nervous about how light IGK Mixed Feelings might make your hair, I recommend starting out by using it in your shampoo or conditioner. If you feel like you need more toning, you can always add a few drops to your hair products before you style your hair.

IGK Mixed Feelings Review

P.S. Simone says “hi!” He loves that IGK doesn’t test on animals ❤️

Final Thoughts

I think IGK Mixed Feelings is an absolutely genius product. It solved a problem I was having and made it way easier to keep my blonde hair looking fresh and bright. It can easily be incorporated almost anywhere in your beauty routine, which also means that it’s going to work for a ton of different people. Put it in your shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair serum, whatever and get the impact you’re looking for.

Having the ability to control the intensity of the color correction is also a huge benefit to IGK Mixed Feelings. You can do a small amount of color correction or significantly alter the color of your hair depending on how much your hair needs and the look you’re trying to achieve. You can even focus in on certain areas that may need more color correction than others.

IGK Mixed Feelings isn’t a product that is going to suit one hair type over another, anyone with blonde hair can use this. You also don’t need that many drops to create a significant impact on your hair color, and it’s a product that only needs to be used once or twice a month, so even though this bottle may seem small it will actually last you for quite a while. I’ve had my bottle since December and even though I use quite a few drops in my hair I’m barely through 1/4 of the bottle.

I’m so impressed with IGK Mixed Feelings and honestly, it’s one of those products that I can’t believe more bloggers aren’t talking about. I would easily recommend this to anyone who is interested in toning their blonde hair.

$29 IGKhair.com | Sephora

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