April 13, 2018

My Favorite Paranormal YouTube Channels

You guys seemed to enjoy the post I did recently sharing my favorite podcasts, so I thought I’d share what I watch on YouTube too. I know I’m always curious about what other people watch! We’d be here for forever and a day if I shared every single channel I watch on YouTube, so I’ve decided to break it up into categories. If you’re just here for beauty content, don’t worry I’ll get to those channels soon!

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Urban Exploration

Urban Exploration obviously isn’t a paranormal topic, but it tends to intersect with the paranormal due to all of the creepy places explorers visit. Urban Exploration is also something I love in general, but my favorite channels tend to be the ones that get a lil’ spooky.

Exploring With Josh

Josh is one of my absolute favorite explorers, but out of the channels I’m sharing with you he does the least paranormal content. He doesn’t specifically seek out anything paranormal, but he’s definitely had some strange, creepy experiences over the years. One of my favorite videos of his is this one where he explores an abandoned school and finds evidence of a possibly satanic ritual. Doors also open and close by themselves. Freaky! Could it be fake? Absolutely, but Josh isn’t someone that tends to fake or overhype anything. I’m always skeptical of everything I watch, but I tend to trust him. He also avoids using clickbait titles, so you know if he titles the video something like “found ______” or “_______ happened” it’ll actually be what happens in the video. Overall, Josh is one of the most responsible urban explorers on YT, and definitely someone I would recommend checking out if you love seeing abandoned places and possibly encountering something spooky.


Omar also explores places, some that are abandoned, some that aren’t. Based out of Florida, Omar travels the United States in search of fun, historic, and creepy places. He does play some paranormal games, which I personally am not that into, but they’re definitely entertaining. Omar also sometimes works with real paranormal investigators, The G Team. If you ever find yourself in a bad mood, Omar is definitely someone you’ll want to watch because he’s such a positive, funny person. He also has incredible cinematography skills. His videos contain some truly beautiful footage!

Watch Omar explore an abandoned island with fellow explorer Moe Sargi.

Sam Golbach

Sam’s channel is mostly pranks, but he attempts paranormal challenges from time to time. I know what you’re thinking. If he does pranks, then obviously anything paranormal that he captures is fake. I definitely do keep that in mind when I’m watching his videos, and no matter how credible the source is, I’m always looking for ways that any paranormal activity could either be faked or explained by a natural cause. Sam is definitely not an expert on the paranormal, but he is quite skeptical, which I think brings an interesting twist to his videos. He also explores some pretty creepy places with his roommates on TFIL. I really just consider Sam’s videos to be a source of entertainment, I don’t take his videos that seriously.

Although I don’t believe what happened in this video was real, I thought Sam’s attempt at the closet game was very fun to watch.


Easily one of my favorite things in the entire world is listening to people tell their true paranormal stories. I don’t get as into stories that are obviously works of fiction, but I do enjoy them from time to time. All of these channels share a mixture of true and fictional stories.


Courtney tells some of her own paranormal experiences, plays with Ouija boards (sometimes in haunted locations like Goatman’s Bridge!), reads her viewers’ true paranormal stories, and reads scary stories she finds on Reddit. She’s hilarious, and is also literally the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Although she loves the paranormal, she gets freaked out pretty easily which makes it so much fun to watch her read the paranormal stories her viewers send her! She gets so scared she starts to tear up in one of her latest videos!

Hailey Reese

Hailey has a lot of series on her channel including stories from her very paranormal childhood, discussing paranormal phenomena, and recently she’s started doing true crime videos too. If you’ve ever wondered about the true story behind the events depicted in The Conjuring 2, then you’ll probably enjoy this video.


Loey has some of the freakiest experiences, I love hearing her stories! When she’s not talking about her own stories, she also films videos about viral scary stories, plus beauty and fashion content. The video she made about the haunting in her apartment is so creepy!


BuzzFeed Blue

BuzzFeed Blue does a mixture of content, but the only videos I watch are from their Unsolved series. In this series they cover both supernatural and true crime. They often visit the locations of the stories they’re talking about and sometimes even spend the night. I also really enjoy the way they cover true crime stories because they go over all of the facts of the case, then present and discuss some popular theories about what happened. Part of what makes this series unique is the hosts. Ryan is a total believer in the paranormal (and a huge scaredy cat) and Shane is a skeptic, which often results in Shane laughing his head off while Ryan is getting spooked by absolutely nothing. Even though I’m a believer in the paranormal, I usually find myself identifying with Shane. It took me awhile to like this series because at first I thought Shane was a total buzzkill, but actually without his skeptical attitude, the series would just be Ryan screaming every time he saw a dust particle in the beam of his flashlight. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ryan and I appreciate the banter between the two of them, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who gets scared so easily.

True crime fans will probably enjoy the episode Ryan and Shane did on the Cleveland Torso Murders. Paranormal fans should definitely watch the video the guys did in New Orleans with voodoo priestess Blood Mary. You might recognize her from her appearances on a few TV shows, including Ghost Adventures. As an added bonus, I think this is the closest Shane has ever gotten to believing in the paranormal. He really tried hard to have an experience here!


My absolute favorite paranormal experience story on YouTube! Kelsey’s story is terrifying!

That’s all of the fun spooky stuff I have to share with you today. I hope you enjoyed it! Have you ever had a paranormal experience? If so, I want to hear about it!

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