March 12, 2018

Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil Review: Whisper

With so many formulas and colors on the market, the abundance of choice can make it difficult to choose a lipstick you think you’ll love. Today I’m sharing a review of Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil in the shade Whisper. It’s one of my personal faves, maybe you’ll love it too!

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. This post does not contain affiliate links. I purchased this product myself with my own money.


According to Sephora, Nudestix Whisper is a “cool mocha with a pink undertone.” I think that’s a spot-on description for this shade. Colors in this shade range and depth tend to be either too pink or too purple to suit me, but Nudestix Whisper is a nice blend of pink and light brown that suits my complexion amazingly well. For reference, I have light skin (around NC20 in MAC) with a muted warm-to-neutral olive undertone. Because of this, I really struggle to find a nude lipstick that isn’t too pink for me and white-based lipsticks are absolute disaster for me. If you have a different skin tone than me, Beautylish and Cult Beauty have swatches on medium and deep skin tones.


Nudestix Whisper comes in the form of a thick wooden pencil with a plastic base and cap. It needs to be sharpened, which can definitely be a drawback if you prefer a twist-up pencil. Additionally, because it’s larger than a standard lip liner or eyeliner, you’ll need a large barrel sharpener. This won’t be a problem if you buy the pencil individually because it comes with a sharpener. However, I wanted to mention this because if you buy the pencil as part of a set (such as the Sephora favorites set I purchased) then you’ll need to consider how you’re going to sharpen the pencil. Nudestix sells a sharpener on their website for $5 that doubles as a cap for the pencil so you won’t have to worry about storing it separately and risking losing it in your makeup bag.



Nudestix is a cruelty-free brand. This product is vegan, organic, gluten-free, preservative-free, and fragrance-free. Additionally, this product does not contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.


As I mentioned above, this product is fragrance-free. As a result, all I smell is the wood of the pencil and maybe a bit of the natural ingredients. It also doesn’t have any taste to it, which I really appreciate. I like scents/flavors in some products, but I’m super picky. Given the choice, I’d rather just have no scent or flavor at all, so this is perfect for me.


Nudestix Whisper is a cream texture. It glides easily on to the skin and is opaque in one swipe.


I would describe this as a cream or satin finish. It’s not glossy, but it’s not matte either. It has a slight balmy sheen (no shimmer/glitter) that just translates as ‘hydrated’ on the lips.


This is one of my favorite lipstick formulas. It applies creamy and opaque, it’s soft and hydrating on the lips, and it stays in place. I can’t stand when a lipstick is too emollient and slips and slides around my face. Talk about a recipe for disaster! These have the perfect balance of slip and staying power. It doesn’t feather or settle into fine lines, and it fades evenly so I don’t end up with a weird ring around my lips. The size of the pencil is just right for making it easy to stay inside your lip lines, even when the tip starts to wear down. I can usually wear this 2-3 times before I need to sharpen it.

Although it’s a cream lip pencil, I get great wear time out of it. On an average day, it lasts around 6+ hours with eating and drinking. Even after a meal, I usually have enough color remaining that I could go without reapplying. Normally when I do reapply, it’s because I’m looking to add more hydration after the creaminess of the lipstick has worn down over time.

I haven’t used this particular shade on my cheeks because it’s not a color I would typically reach for as a blush. However, if you’re curious about using this on your cheeks, I can tell you that it does sheer out nicely, is easy to blend, and doesn’t go patchy.

Final thoughts

Although I’m someone who loves makeup and enjoys using it as a creative outlet, sometimes I just want/need something easy. Nudestix provides that option with effortless, multi-purpose makeup products such as their Lip + Cheek pencils. Nudestix Whisper is a great formula and color for me personally, but like any other product, it may not be ideal for everyone. Here’s my advice:

You’ll probably like this if…

  • Cream lipsticks are your thing
  • You like your makeup like you like your relationships: uncomplicated
  • You don’t mind sharpening your lip pencils
  • You can appreciate a fragrance-free lip product
  • You’re willing/able to reapply your lip color 1-2 times throughout the day

Skip this if…

  • You absolutely refuse to sharpen a lip pencil (understandable tbh)
  • 6 hours isn’t a long enough wear time for you, and reapplying isn’t an option
  • You prefer a matte or gloss finish for your lip products
  • You’re a die-hard fan of scent/flavor in lip products (i think ur weird but whatev)

$24 for 0.05 oz/1.41 g at Sephora | Nudestix | Cult Beauty | Beautylish

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