March 12, 2018

Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil Review: Mystic

Nudestix Mystic is an easy to use, hydrating lip pencil. Today I’m talking about why I love it and why you might love it too.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. This post does not contain affiliate links. I purchased this product myself with my own money.


Sephora nails the description of Nudestix Mystic, calling it a “light brown with a pink undertone.” It’s a very rosy brown, but the brown is there. I also own a Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil in the shade Whisper, which is described similarly. However, Whisper is lighter and more cool toned, while Mystic is more of a muted, rosy terracotta. As a result, I find that Mystic suits a much larger range of skin tones because it’s not such a pale shade. This color will work for most people in the fair to medium spectrum. Mystic reads quite pink on deeper skin, so depending on your personal preferences you may or may not feel it suits you. For reference, I have light skin (around NC20 in MAC) with a muted warm-to-neutral olive undertone. If you have a different skin tone than me, Beautylish and Cult Beauty have swatches on medium and deep skin tones.


Nudestix Mystic comes in the form of a thick  dark wooden pencil with a plastic base and cap. It needs to be sharpened, which can definitely be a drawback if you prefer a twist-up pencil. Additionally, because it’s larger than a standard lip liner or eyeliner, you’ll need a large barrel sharpener. If you buy this lip pencil individually in a full size, it comes with a cap that doubles as a sharpener for the pencil so you won’t have to worry about storing it separately and risking losing it in your makeup bag. However, because I have a deluxe sample size of this pencil, mine didn’t come with a sharpener. Just something to be aware of if you’re thinking of purchasing this.



Nudestix is a cruelty-free brand. This product is vegan, organic, gluten-free, preservative-free, and fragrance-free. Additionally, this product does not contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.


As I mentioned above, this product is fragrance-free. The wood in this pencil is different from the other shade I own, Whisper. The light wood definitely gives off a wooden pencil scent, but the dark wood that Nudestix used for Mystic doesn’t give off any scent at all. I can’t smell any of the ingredients in the product itself, nor can I taste this product on my lips.


Nudestix Mystic is a gel texture. It glides easily on to the skin and is semi-sheer. However, it does build up easily if you prefer a more opaque lip color.


Mystic has a glossy gel finish that makes it look and feel hydrating on the lips.


Nudestix Mystic applies like a dream, very smooth and evenly pigmented. Mystic has more of a balmy/gel feel to it and a bit of slip, though thankfully not so much that it slides around on my face. It can easily be sheered out or built up, and blends easily on the lips and cheeks. However, because this is more of a glossy finish than a cream finish it creates a more radiant effect on the cheeks. It’s a little bit too glossy on the cheeks for my personal preferences, but you might enjoy the sheen it gives off, especially if you have dry skin. I haven’t had any issues with this lipstick feathering or sinking in to fine lines.

Nudestix Mystic feels incredible on the lips. It’s one of my top choices when my lips are feeling really dry and dehydrated because I know the balmy texture will help to make my lips look and feel more hydrated, and avoid drawing attention to any dry patches. It’s such a comfortable, plush formula! The downside to a more emollient lipstick is that it tends to fade more quickly. My average wear time with this lipstick is around the 4 hour mark with eating and drinking, which I personally don’t mind from a hydrating lipstick. However, if you’re someone who’s unwilling or unable to touch up your lipstick throughout the day, this may be a deal breaker for you. Although this lipstick is crazy easy to apply, realistically some people just don’t want to fuss with their makeup at all throughout the day, and that’s totally understandable. The lipstick does fade evenly, thankfully, so even as it starts to wear away it still looks good.

Final thoughts

As much as I love the color of Nudestix Mystic, the texture is really the selling point for me. If you loved the old formula of Bite Beauty’s lipsticks (Luminous Creme) but felt like they slid around on your lips too much (my only complaint about them) then I think you’ll find the formula of this lipstick to be a very comparable, yet improved answer to the now discontinued Luminous Creme lipsticks from Bite. (Don’t panic, the Luminous Creme lipsticks were replaced with the Amuse Bouche line, and they’re some of the best lipsticks on the market.) The hydration level requires a bit of a trade-off in wear time, but in my opinion it’s worth it.

You’ll probably like this if…

  • Your ideal lipstick combines color and hydration
  • The idea of multi-tasking makeup is appealing to you
  • You don’t mind sharpening your lip pencils
  • You can appreciate a fragrance-free lip product
  • Long wear times aren’t a selling point for you, and you’re willing/able to reapply your lip color 2-4 times throughout the day

Skip this if…

  • You absolutely refuse to sharpen a lip pencil (understandable tbh)
  • Reapplying a lipstick is simply not on your to-do list. #GoLongOrGoHome
  • You prefer a matte or cream finish for your lip products
  • You’re a die-hard fan of scent/flavor in lip products (i think ur weird but whatev)
  • The semi-sheer, yet buildable formula is something you won’t enjoy. You’re a fully opaque or fully sheer lipstick lover, nothing else will do.

$24 for 0.05 oz/1.41 g at Sephora | Nudestix | Cult Beauty | Beautylish

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