February 5, 2018

My Favorite Podcasts

One of my goals this year is to expand the content I bring you guys. I also want to share more of what excites and interests me. Podcasts are one of those things. I love listening to podcasts, especially when I’m doing something like shooting photos for the blog. They’re also great for when I’m tired of listening to music, or I just don’t know what I want to listen to. Plus, it’s free entertainment. Woohoo! You’ll probably notice a common theme in this list: I like spooky shit. It’s not all that I listen to, but it is a pretty decent chunk of it. I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to, so leave me your suggestions!

P.S. The links I’ve provided to these podcasts are for their iTunes page because I feel like that’s the most popular way to listen to podcasts, but you can find these podcasts on just about any podcast platform. Just type the name in to your preferred platform and it should come up.

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Get Spooked:

Real Ghost Stories Online

If I had to pick a favorite, this would be it. Real Ghost Stories Online is a podcast run by husband and wife team, Tony and Jenny. I think they’re hilarious, but some people may feel they do a bit too much off-topic talking sometimes. The content is exactly what it sounds like: people sharing their true paranormal experiences. Listening to people talk about their paranormal experiences is one of my absolute favorite things in the world. Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, the stories are pretty entertaining, and Tony and Jenny provide some great feedback and insight to the stories. People have the option to call in and leave a voice recording of their story or they can write it in and Tony will read it aloud.¬†Tony worked in radio for several years before starting the podcast, which really adds to the production quality of the podcast. There’s also new episodes almost every day. I’m actually way behind on episodes right now, but I’ll take that over running out of episodes. I highly recommend giving this one a try!

Jim Harold’s Campfire

Jim Harold’s Campfire is pretty much the OG of personal paranormal stories podcasts. I’ve been listening to his podcasts for years, and even though there are a few things I don’t like about his podcasts, the high quality of the content has always kept me coming back. As opposed to the recorded voice messages that Real Ghost Stories Online shares, Jim interviews his guests over the phone, which provides the opportunity to get answers to the questions that many of us have when listening to someone’s story. Personally, I don’t find Jim himself to be very funny (we have a very different sense of humor, he’s very “midwest dad” which is just not my jam), but the stories he shares and the work he puts in to the podcast make up for it. The ads in his podcasts are also quite long, but I just scrub through them. Overall, I think that fans of the paranormal will probably enjoy Jim’s podcast.

Anything Ghost

Anything Ghost, hosted by Lex Wahl, typically release one 2-hour episode per month, so it’s a great one to play when you know you won’t have your hands free to change the episode for a while. This is yet another podcast where people call or write in to share their personal paranormal experiences. I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s one of my favorite things, I can’t get enough! In comparison to the other two I shared, Anything Ghost is much more laid back, so if that’s more your speed I think you’ll enjoy this.

Astonishing Legends

Astonishing Legends covers a broad spectrum of content from unsolved mysteries and true crime, to paranormal topics and strange history. The hosts, Scott and Forrest, are very thorough in their coverage of the topics, often devoting multiple episodes to a topic. In the last couple of years, they’ve added on additional staff members that help them to research the topics they cover, providing even more information and insight. Scott and Forrest are way more my speed when it comes to humor, and they’re also quite sarcastic, so don’t take everything they say at face value. They typically present all of their information first, then reserve judgement until the end, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because they’re talking about something, it’s something they believe to be true. They’re skeptical about most topics without being overly negative, which I really appreciate. If you often find yourself diving down the rabbit hole of strange topics, I think you’ll really enjoy this podcast.


The Black Tapes

This one is a little bit cringe at first, but stick with it for a few episodes and it gets better. The Black Tapes is about a woman searching for the truth after stumbling upon a series of tapes in the possession of a professional skeptic. Owner and operator of The Strand Institute, Dr. Strand has spent his entire life debunking people’s evidence of the paranormal. The only cases he hasn’t been able to close are the ones he calls “the black tapes.” He and Alex dive deeper and deeper into the mysteries on these tapes, interviewing a host of strange people, and even exploring Dr. Strand’s own dark, mysterious past. There’s a bit of humor sprinkled throughout, but it’s quite dry humor. I think this will appeal to fans of shows like The X-Files and The Killing.


Tanis is also produced by Pacific Northwest Stories, the same people behind The Black Tapes. Host Nic Silver investigates the mystery of Tanis, a strange place that supposedly doesn’t exist… or does it? As Nic gets closer to unraveling the truth about Tanis, he finds himself getting wrapped up in a conspiracy and entangled with some very odd people. Tanis focuses more on mythology and conspiracy than it does on anything paranormal, so if the paranormal isn’t your scene you may find this one more appealing.

Learn Something:

The Snailcast

If you’re part of the k-beauty/Asian skincare community on Reddit or Instagram there’s a pretty good chance you’ve already heard of this podcast. Hosted by the bloggers behind Snow White and the Asian Pear, Fanserviced-B, Fifty Shades of Snail, and Holy Snails, The Snailcast is a round table discussion of beauty products and trends, as well as industry and community topics. Hilarious and intelligent, it’s definitely something you’ll want to check out if you’re interested in the world of beauty beyond pretty products.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know covers a crazy-broad spectrum of topics such as pop culture, history, science, government, and even the occasional mystery. If you like learning about a wide variety of topics, you’ll definitely find this podcast interesting!

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class is devoted to people, events, and topics that often go overlooked in history courses. Even if you’re not that interested in history, I think there’s a chance you may like this podcast. It’s fun to see how the people and topics they cover are still affecting us today. I also love hearing about how recent research has changed our perception and understanding of past events and people. Some of my favorite episodes are the Unearthed episodes they do at the end of every year where they discuss all of the historical and archaeological findings of the past year! Fun fact: an archaeologist was one of the things I wanted to be as a kid. I still love history and culture to this day, and even considered becoming a history professor.


I’ve always wanted to include some non-beauty content from time to time (it’s why I never made my username beauty-specific!) so I really hope you guys enjoyed this! Don’t worry, we’ll be back to beauty in my next post. I asked you guys to vote on Instagram, and you said you wanted to see a review of Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon next, so definitely stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading!



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