January 23, 2018

I’m Done With Tarte.

There are so many people who have already discussed this issue with much more wisdom and eloquence than I possibly could (see below for links), but it’s important to me to add my voice to the chorus of people that are speaking out about this.

I’m done with Tarte. I’m done with their racism and I’m done with their excuses. Between their clear lack of desire to be an inclusive brand, the meme they posted that used a racial slur, and the number of excuses they’ve made instead of actually fixing the problems they’ve created, Tarte is a brand I’m no longer interested in giving money or visibility to. Given the number of incidents they’ve had (see the post from SharmToaster below for details), it’s clear to me that it’s not just a careless mistake, but a culture of racism and deliberate exclusion within the company. Tarte can try to pull as many excuses out of their ass as they like, but their actions speak louder than their words. This foundation range was the last straw for me, and everything that Tarte has done over the past few days has just solidified my feelings about them.

From here on out, I will not be purchasing, reviewing, or displaying any Tarte products on my blog or any of my social media accounts. I’ve also unfollowed Tarte on all of their social media platforms.

This problem is bigger than just Tarte, and we all need to contribute to the fight against racism in the beauty industry and in our world.

Take notice and speak out. Look for brands that are inclusive, promote their products and content. Call out brands that fail to be inclusive. Correct people when they use racist terms and explain why their use of that term is a problem. Listen to the people who face different struggles than you and learn from them. I promise you, there is so much you don’t know about what other people, especially people of color, go through on a regular basis. Our society discriminates against people on so many levels and in ways that aren’t always obvious to those who have never experienced that discrimination. Education, empathy, and action are the greatest tools we have to combat this problem. Let’s do it together.

Here are some of the posts, videos, and accounts I recommend checking out:

SharmToaster- Why I’m Voting No On Tarte. In this post, Mili does an amazing job of summarizing all of the bullshit that Tarte has pulled. Please read this if you’re still on the fence about Tarte’s actions and/or want the full picture of the numerous incidents that have influenced my decision to boycott Tarte.

Jackie Aina– Jackie’s Thoughts on Tarte Shape Tape Foundation with Alissa Ashley. Jackie’s video includes swatches of the three deepest shades in both formulas of the foundation, which demonstrates just how little thought and effort Tarte put in to the few deep shades they released.

Alissa Ashley– Alissa’s video on Shape Tape Foundation

Nyma TangNyma’s video on Shape Tape Foundation I really appreciated what Nyma had to say about us as consumers standing together to create change. Also check out Nyma’s The Darkest Shade series

Cocoa Swatches– a wonderful account that provides swatches of products on deeper skin tones

Black Beauty Haven– an account that reposts incredibly talented and beautiful black women

Here are some brands that do a much better job of being inclusive (based on their complexion product ranges and their social media presence):

Make Up For Ever

Makeup Revolution

Fenty Beauty

Becca Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown

Cover FX

NYX Cosmetics

Sephora Collection

Anastasia Beverly Hills




I’m not interested in stirring up drama, but my morals do inform my purchasing decisions. If you guys are interested, I’ll make another post discussing some of the other brands that are on my shit list as a result of their actions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



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