January 12, 2018

My Favorite Makeup of 2017

We’ve finally reached the end of my 2017 favorites! Find out what I thought was the best makeup in 2017!

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. This post does not contain affiliate links. Two products (Erborian Glow Creme and Avon Super Extend Mascara) were PR gifted, however I was not asked to include them in this post. All opinions are my own.

Altair Beauty Marble Magnetic Palette

If you’re looking for an empty magnetic palette to store your single eyeshadows, this is one of the best ones you’ll find. It’s made of very sturdy cardboard, has a mirror, and comes in super cute designs. I’ve had mine for about a year now, and there’s no signs of wear and tear yet. I love when things are both cute and high quality. Altair just came out with a super gorgeous black marble palette that I have my eyes on… even though I don’t have any more single eyeshadows I need to store right now.

$20.95 at AltairBeauty.com or $19.99 at Amazon.com

ColourPop Magnetic Palette

If you need something more budget-friendly to store your single shadows, ColourPop’s empty palettes are a great choice. These palettes are made with much thinner and less sturdy cardboard than Altair’s palettes, but they’re still cute and functional. They also don’t contain a mirror, so if you plan on traveling a lot, I would recommend an Altair palette over this. Despite these little details, ColourPop’s magentic palettes are still some of my favorites because of how affordable they are. These are some of the cheapest I’ve found that still have a high quality magnet!

$7 for a small palette or $10 for a large palette at ColourPop.com

ColourPop Yes Please Palette

This is one of the absolute best palettes that’s come out in the last few years, especially when you consider the value for the money. Every single shadow in this palette has a great texture, blends beautifully, and is long-lasting. The ratio of mattes to shimmers is perfect, and the color selection is gorgeous. The warm eyeshadow trend is slowing down, but it’s far from over. If you like warm-toned eyeshadows, you need this palette.

$16 at ColourPop.com

ColourPop Pressed Shadow in Glass Bull

There’s tons of single shadows I could’ve put on this list between the shades that are staples in my makeup routine and the shades that I think are some of the best formulated. However, if I did that, this post would be insanely long. Instead, I’ve decided to highlight just a few of the shadows that really stood out to me this year. Surprise, surprise, they’re both ColourPop. First up, we have Glass Bull. Pretty sure ColourPop has a back room where they shake down fairies and mermaids to get the ingredients for their gorgeous iridescent shimmery shadows. This has the most incredible purple/blue shift and the texture is so creamy it’s almost wet. I own a lot of duochrome purple eyeshadows, but I don’t have anything that comes close to this. It’s stunning and it’s only $4, just do it.

$4 at ColourPop.com

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Puppy Love

I love using this soft peachy duochrome to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, but I love it even more because it helps to save animals! The profits from the purchase of this shadow are donated to Best Friends Animal Society, which is an animal rescue organization. One of their goals is to make Los Angeles a No-Kill city. This means that animals in Los Angeles shelters won’t be put to sleep if they’re taking their time finding their forever home. Best Friends Animal Society also helps to develop nationwide programs to make sure every pet has a home! I’ve actually purchased 2 of these because I love the color and the cause so much! The super shock formula is one of my favorites because it’s so long-lasting on my oily eyelids and it’s super easy to apply with a finger when I’m in a hurry. But, like, also I love animals.

$5 at ColourPop.com

Also please consider making a donation to Best Friends Animal Society or to your local shelter!

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara

I didn’t think I would like this mascara at all. I was so wrong. You’re probably thinking “Cristine, why on earth would you buy a mascara that you didn’t think you would like?” Well, here’s your answer. I received this in a Marc Jacobs mystery bag I purchased. Initially a bit disappointed that it wasn’t a more exciting product like eyeshadow or lipstick, once I tried it, I couldn’t stop using it. The reason I thought I wouldn’t like this is because it’s designed to be a volumizing mascara and because many people who reviewed it thought it was a bit clumpy. It’s also a lot wetter than I typically like. I prefer a mix of length and volume, and I almost never enjoy mascaras that are purely about volume. In fact, it’s the very last type of mascara I would choose. The reason why this mascara is different is because it does combine length and volume benefits, is super dark black, and only takes one coat to make my lashes look insanely awesome, almost like falsies. For years, I’ve been a chronic mascara cocktailer, but with this mascara I can use just one and love the way my lashes look. Fair bit of warning though: unless you like a clumpy look, stick with just one coat. Trust me, it’s enough.

Full size $26 at Sephora.com

Travel size $14 at Sephora.com

Avon Super Extend Mascara *PR gifted

As for my bottom lashes, I prefer something more defining. Most mascaras make my bottom lashes clump together so no matter what I do, it looks like I have a grand total of two eyelashes. Avon Super Extend is easily my favorite mascara ever for bottom lashes because it actually makes it look like I have long, thick bottom lashes. It also doesn’t smudge or flake. I do wear this on my top lashes too, but it’s not a very dramatic mascara. I prefer to use it on my top lashes for light makeup days and for days when I’m wearing false lashes. It darkens my lashes, but doesn’t leave behind a lot of texture or weigh my lashes down, both of which would make my natural lashes stick out from the fake ones. I reviewed this here if you’d like to read more.

$8 at Avon.com

Marc Jacobs Highliner

No color in particular, just the formula of the Marc Jacobs Highliners in general is awesome. I have three different colors, all of which are super creamy and pigmented, as well as long-wearing. This alone isn’t enough to make it a favorite as there are lots of other eyeliners on the market that also have those characteristics. What really pushes these over the edge is the color range. Seriously, not only is it extensive, they’re also very precise colors that you won’t find in other ranges. As for black eyeliners, I love this one, Rimmel ScandalEyes, Too Faced Perfect Eyes, and most recently I’ve been enjoying the Make Up For Ever Aqua XL pencil.

$25 at Sephora.com or MarcJacobsBeauty.com

Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma

Because glitter.

I could just leave it there, honestly, but I won’t because there’s more to my love for this eyeshadow than the way it sparkles in the sunlight. This formula has made it so easy to apply stunning, non-itchy, long-wearing glitter quickly and without making a huge mess. I would say that’s why these were such a huge success. Kitten Karma, a stunning copper and gold shade, is the only one I own so far, but I want more!

$24 at Ulta, Sephora, or StilaCosmetics.com

House of Lashes Siren Mini

There’s a reason House of Lashes has become my favorite lash brand. They’re affordable, cruelty free, high quality lashes. Uh, ok, make that several reasons. What really sets them apart from the crowd though is their range of mini lashes, which have a shorter band and slightly shorter hairs. This means they fit way better on people with smaller eyes like myself. I have to trim a little off of the edge of most lashes to prevent the band from poking me in the inner corner of my eye, but this can sometimes ruin the full effect of a lash or make them look a bit awkward, even if they’re trimmed properly. With the House of Lashes Mini Lashes, I know they’ll always fit without fuss. The Siren Mini lashes are one of my favorite styles because they give a lot of attitude to a look. The lashes are cut in more of a spikey shape instead of the typical short-to-long gradient, which gives them a more laid back vibe.

$9 at HouseOfLashes.com

House of Lashes Au Naturale + Wispy Mini

I love both of these styles separately, they each have their own merits. But together you guys, OMG. Together, they’re the perfect blend of volume and length. Thick and wispy. Romantic and alluring. It’s just so pretty I can barely handle it. Best lashes ever.

Wispy Mini $9 at HouseOfLashes.com

Au Naturale $9 at HouseOfLashes.com

Becca Backlight Priming Filter

Initially, I actually didn’t think this did anything. I’d tried a sample, didn’t notice any glow, and had pretty much written it off. I kept seeing more and more reviews singing the praises of this product, so when it went on sale at Ulta as part of a promo they were doing, I gave in and bought it. I’m so glad I did because I’m a convert y’all. This stuff is gorgeous. Silky smooth without a heavy silicone feeling, and a stunning champagne glow that radiates from underneath foundation. Absolutely lovely.

$38 for 1 oz/30 ml at Ulta, Sephora, or BeccaCosmetics.com

Erborian Glow Creme *PR gifted

I know, two glowy primers, what? But the reason I wanted to include both of them is because they do actually serve two different functions. For one thing, Erborian Glow Creme is more of a lotion. Second, it gives more of a shine than a reflect if that makes any sense. It’s more low key and more of a “my skin is super hydrated” type of glow rather than the lit from within glow that the Becca primer gives.  Third, it’s iridescent. I love shiny iridescent things. If you don’t like the texture or color of the Becca Backlight Priming Filter, then you might like Erborian Glow Creme instead. It does have a white base, but I’ve never noticed it leaving a white cast on my skin. I’m pretty fair though, so I can’t guarantee that it won’t leave a white cast on people with deeper skin. I have a more detailed review of this here.

$42 for 1.5 oz at Sephora or Erborian.com

$18 for 0.5 oz at Erborian.com

MAC Face & Body

Pretty sure this is my favorite foundation ever. As someone who has acne, if you’d told me I’d say that about a light coverage foundation, I would’ve told you you were crazy. There are so many reasons I love this foundation, but I’ll try to just get to the point. Vegas is hotter than hell in the summer. I ruin my makeup with sweat every summer, but this foundation has film forming technology that helps it stay on my face and prevents it from breaking up. I actually don’t mind the light coverage at all because it has a slight blurring effect that makes my skin look nicer, it blends in beautifully and doesn’t look cakey, and it has enough coverage to disguise most of my mild redness. It basically makes it look like I have naturally good skin. Sometimes I conceal my blemishes, but most of the time I don’t. It’s really not that big of a deal, y’know? The only thing I don’t like about MAC Face & Body is how shiny it is. I like that it’s moisturizing because it looks a lot better on breakouts or my now apparently normal to dry skin. However, I don’t like to get shiny throughout the day and this is shiny after like 3 hours, even if I powder it. It’s a trade off I’m willing to live with though because everything else about it is so wonderful.

$29 for 1.7 oz at MAC

Urban Decay Basquiat Gallery Blush Palette

I love the palette in general, but the shades I wanna give a shoutout to are Jawbone and NOHO. I’m kind of a jerk for including this palette because it’s limited edition and sold out everywhere as far as I know, but I want to talk about how I use these two shades to make a perfect berry flush for my (warm, muted, light olive) complexion. A lot of berry blushes just look like too much on my skin. Too pigmented, too pink, whatever. Blush and I have a complicated relationship. To make a berry blush work better for my skin, I mix it with a more neutral brown-ish blush like Jawbone. It still has a bright berry quality to it, but the neutral blush helps to mute it a bit so it doesn’t look so stark against my skin. If you do happen to see this palette anywhere- GRAB IT. The formula of these blushes is great, and an improvement on Urban Decay’s usual blush formula, which can be a little bit too dry for some people’s preferences. The highlight shade in this palette is also stunning.

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in Aphrodisiac

Again, my relationship status with blush is complicated. My light, warm, muted, olive skin (translation: I’m a yellowy green, and it looks like I have a pigment-fading filter on my skin at all times) means that a lot of blushes look weird on me. Many shades of pink, especially the shades that are frequently found in blushes, look downright awful on me. As a result, I mostly turn toward bronzers and peachy/orange blushes which compliment my skin much better. Unfortunately, they don’t always compliment the rest of my makeup. I started hunting for a neutral blush and finally found ColourPop Aphrodisiac, which through some beautiful miracle doesn’t look too pink on my skin. Seriously, even most blushes that are supposed to be neutral pull pink on my skin. I’ve heard from a lot of other people that have the same problem that Aphrodisiac is also a favorite for them. It’s not too dark or too brown on my skin, it just looks like a natural slightly rosy flush. Plus, it’s super long-lasting, and it applies and blends easily with a brush or fingers.

$8 at ColourPop.com

Stellar Beauty Cosmic Face Powder in Haze

My skin really took a turn this past year. Partially because using Differin gel made my skin peel, then just become less oily overall, but also because as I get older, my skin has been transitioning from oily to normal/dry. As a result, I’ve found that a lot of powders just make my skin look awful. They cling to dry patches and emphasize every single fine line on my face. The Stellar Beauty Cosmic Face Powder in Haze is better than anything else I’ve tried for setting my foundation and concealer without sucking the life out of my skin. It does still cling to the little bits of dry skin that I get from healing breakouts, but it’s much less noticeable than other powders. One of the things that concerned me about this powder is the purple tint. I’m pleased to report that I can’t see it at all on my face, and it actually helps to prevent the awkward white cast that a lot of face powders can create. This powder creates a smooth, even satin finish on my skin and doesn’t feel heavy or itchy on my skin. Love this stuff, definitely one of my best discoveries of 2017.

$30 for 0.28 oz/8 g at Sephora

We made it! I hope you enjoyed my 2017 favorites series. If you missed either of my previous posts you can check them out here: Skincare | Haircare and Fragrance. I have a couple of reviews and one or two lifestyle posts in the works, but I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would let me know what content you want to see on the blog in 2018! I’d also love to know what some of your favorite products were from the last year.

Thanks for reading!



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