November 3, 2017

Fall/Winter Fragrances

It’s starting to get cooler in most parts of the country (um, hi, I’m jealous. It’s just now dipping into the 70s here in Vegas) and with cooler weather can come a desire to switch up your fragrance choices. Today I’m sharing my top picks to suit the cooler weather. Hopefully you’ll find something that sparks your interest!

Disclosure: All of the products in this post were purchased by me with my own money. This post contains a referral link for Scentbird, which is clearly labeled as such. Using this link means that I may receive some form of compensation, such as a discount, at no extra cost to the consumer. I have not been paid to mention Scentbird or any of the products in this post.


Kicking it off today with Electric Wood by Room 1015. As the name implies, this is a woody fragrance, which makes it a great choice for people who can’t get down with the heavy musks and saccharine vanillas that dominate in the colder months. Inspired by the wood and metal scents that emanate from a guitar, the notes are ambroxan, cedar, oak wood, hydrocarboresin, iris, and nutmeg. I have to say, Electric Wood does smell pretty close to the item that inspired it, but with an edge of citrus that I think makes it a little more wearable as a fragrance. This scent is cool, clean, inviting, and powerful. It’s on the stronger side so probably not the best choice for anyone who tends to get headaches from fragrance or anyone who has someone in their life that does. It’s definitely outside the norm, but not so far outside it that it makes it uncomfortable or unapproachable. If you decide to give this one a try, definitely allow it to warm up on your skin. It takes on a new life when mixed with body heat, and if you ask me, that’s pretty damn rock n’ roll.

Purchase: Twisted Lily

btw you can also try new fragrances through Scentbird. The subscription is $14.95 per month for one fragrance (it comes in a vial like the one pictured above, and your first fragrance will come with a free travel case for you to store your fragrance in), but they’ve also unveiled some new plans recently that allow you to try multiple fragrances per month, or to get a fragrance bi-monthly if that works better for you. One of these vials is supposed to last a month, but mine always last much longer than that since I don’t wear the same fragrance every day. This is waaay cheaper than buying a full size, and perfect if you’re someone who likes to change up your fragrance frequently or are searching for your signature scent. You can sign up for Scentbird here (referral link) or here (non-referral link). My referral link will get you your first month for free, but please use whichever link you feel comfortable with.


Pinrose Gilded Fox is the scent you want if you love sweet scents but hate feeling like you’re wearing the same fragrance as your 14 year old cousin. It’s sweet, but it’s sophisticated sweet. It also strikes a perfect balance between sweet, earthy, and spicy in a way that I feel like few perfumes get right. The sweet notes of cocoa and buttered rum dominate this fragrance, so it’s a bit of a surprise when you start to realize that there’s just a hint of spice and wood present in the notes. This is courtesy of the cardamom, vetiver, amber, and cedar. You’ll be familiar with cardamom if you drink chai tea. It provides the same warm, cozy feeling here that it does in chai tea. Then from the vetiver, amber, and cedar, you get a rich, fresh, sophisticated base to keep the fragrance grounded, preventing it from smelling juvenile. This really is a treat if you like sweet fragrances. I plan on wearing this to holiday parties all winter long.

Purchase: Sephora


By The Fireplace from the Maison Margiela Replica line is like a femme fatale alter ego. It’s smokey, sultry, sexy but underneath all of the tension and power there’s a hint of sweet, softness that draws you in further. This one may be outside of many people’s comfort zones (seriously, it’s heavy on the smoke and wood notes), but if you’ve got the confidence to take this for a spin, I don’t think you’ll regret it. It reminds me a little bit of Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works, but Marshmallow Fireside plays up the cozy feel, while By The Fireplace is unapologetically sexy and bold.

Notes: Pink Pepper, Orange Flower Petals, Clove Oil, Chestnut Accord, Gaïac Wood Oil, Cade Oil, Vanilla Accord, Peru Balsam, Cashmeran

Purchase: Sephora, Nordstrom, Barneys


Despite not being a big fan of rose scents, Atelier Rose Anonyme has been one of my go-to fall fragrances for years. Whereas a lot of rose scents can be overpowering, too floral, or powdery Rose Anonyme plays up the spiciness of the rose. The ginger in this also stands out and helps this scent to gain some complexity, which is something that a lot of rose perfumes lack. This is another scent that really needs time to settle on your skin and collaborate with your body heat. Straight out of the bottle it can smell quite sharp and cold, but body heat transforms it into a captivating, mysterious spicy rose scent that doesn’t smell old or stuffy at all in my opinion. It’s definitely more on the traditional side, so if you have no interest in venturing out into more unique or polarizing fragrances, this is the one I’d recommend.

Notes: Bergamot from Calabria, Ginger from China, Turkish Rose Essence, Turkish Rose Absolue, Incense From Somalia, Velvet Oud Accord, Patchouli from Indonesia, Papyrus from India, Benjoin from Laos.

Purchase: Sephora (Note: they seem to be out of the smaller bottles at the moment, so I’ve linked to the product page for Rose Anonyme since it’s a very pricy perfume and they offer a few other products in the same scent for much less money)


Oh, Prada Candy. Such a classic. While it’s great any time of year, I love this one for the fall. There’s something so charming about walking up next to someone in the cold weather and smelling such a sweet, warm, friendly scent. This is probably the most youthful fragrance on this list and also the most simplistic. I typically fall for complex scents, but I’m also a total sucker for musk in fragrances and for caramel in basically anything. This scent pairs the two and throws in some benzoin for good measure, adding a hint of complexity.  The downside to this one is that it has poor longevity, only lasting for around 3 hours. Definitely not a perfume that’s going to last through the work day, but long enough for a date night or social gathering. A lot of people will find this too juvenile for their tastes, but if you’re unapologetic about your love for sweet fragrances, this will definitely be a great choice for you.

Purchase: Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom


Thierry Mugler Alien is my all-time favorite fragrance, so I wear it year-round. However, for a lot of people the heady musk is going to be something that puts this firmly in the fall/winter fragrance category. There’s absolutely nothing else like this fragrance and despite it being a mainstream fragrance, it’s not something you’ll encounter many people wearing. This makes it all the more mysterious, and will definitely inspire people to wonder what you’re wearing. I get compliments on this perfume all the time, but the most amusing encounter to date was the time a woman working at the movie theater concession stand was so captivated by this perfume that she was just about ready to climb over the counter to get another whiff. Honestly, same. The enigmatic mix of metal, sunlight, and musk is easily the most enchanting, intoxicating thing I’ve ever smelled. Imagine sitting outside by a lake in winter, a fresh layer of snow all around you, watching the warm sunlight peek out from between the trees. That’s Alien. You’ve got to be a bit bold to wear this fragrance because trust me when I say it will draw attention. It’s a strong, long-lasting fragrance that will turn heads for sure. But if you’re up for the adventure, Alien won’t let you down.

Notes: jasmine, woodsy notes, amber

Purchase: Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s


Dark Rum is actually the fragrance that inspired me to make this post. Not only is it a fragrance that screams fall, it’s also complex and alluring. It has a really interesting balance of sweet and sexy that I think a lot of people will find appealing. The notes include rum, leather, vanilla, amber, and plum so it’s not exactly your typical blend, but it also isn’t so strange that it becomes polarizing or an acquired taste. (omg I just found out they make a candle in this scent too!! need!) Together, these notes create a fragrance that is warm, slightly spicy, a little bit earthy, slightly sweet, and a little sexy. It’s like wearing a leather jacket with a white sundress. If you’re looking for a fragrance that feels appropriate in a variety of situations, plays the edge between sultry and sweet, and still stands out from the crowd I think this is a great choice. It’s also on the softer side, so it’s not something that will make someone want to run away if they’re on the elevator with you.

Notes: top: bergamot, plum and anise middle: leather, rum and vanilla base: patchouli, amber and milk

Purchase: Bloomingdales, Barneys

If you end up trying any of these fragrances or if you’ve tried them in the past, leave a comment and let me know what you think of it!

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