February 19, 2017

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick Swatch and Review

Since I was about 13 or 14 Urban Decay has been my ride-or-die brand. The edgy packaging, the cheeky names, the variety of colors and glittery neutrals, it’s always just been the brand I felt most connected with, especially when I was disappointed by drugstore products that looked colorful and glittery in the package but performed like absolute trash. Thankfully, drugstore products have come a long way since then and many of them match or even outperform their high-end counterparts. Still, Urban Decay will always be special to me because they helped inspire my love of makeup. Considering my love for the brand, it was a given that I’d pick up some of the new Vice Liquid Lipsticks when they launched, especially with all of the hype surrounding these. Waterproof, transfer proof, comfortable liquid lipstick? Sign me up! Did these live up to the hype? Check out my wear-test and review to find out!

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick left to right: Time, Conspiracy, Naked
Disclosure: These products were purchased by me with my own money. This post does not contain affiliate links.



Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Conspiracy


$18 for 5.3 ml/0.17 fl. oz.  Urban Decay | Sephora | Ulta  (metallic shades)| Ulta (comfort matte)


This is Vice Liquid Lipstick—a waterproof formula so life-proof, it’s not going ANYWHERE until you take it off. (Just imagine the possibilities.) What makes Vice different? Our high-tech formula provides longer-lasting wear with ZERO transfer. Like our original formula, Vice Liquid Lipstick lays down intensely pigmented color. And the comfortable, nondrying wear sets it apart from other liquid lipsticks.
Choose from a huge range of 30 shades and two finishes—comfort matte and metallized. From neutrals with a UD edge to the bold brights color junkies crave, we’ve got something for everyone. Our lineup includes everything from must-have colors from our Vice Lipstick range to limited-edition shades you begged us to bring back.
Hot on the heels of the launch of our creamy, addictive Vice Lipstick formula, Wende decided to create a liquid lipstick that feels as good as it looks. Our formula holds heavy loads of pearls and glitter, so our shade lineup ranges from shimmery to matte. Special technology in the formula allows the pearl to float on top, giving our metallized shades the maximum amount of shimmer.
Vice Liquid Lipstick comes in a clear tube (so you can see the shade inside) with a metallized gunmetal cap and gold accents (reminiscent of our Vice Lipstick case). The extra long, flocked paddle applicator provides a nice, even laydown of color every time. The flat edge gives you complete coverage in one coat, while the tip allows for precision lining—perfect for areas like the corners of the lips and the Cupid’s bow.

-from UrbanDecay.com


Gorgeous gunmetal cap with gold accenting on the rim of the clear tube. Externally, the packaging is perfect. The inside, however, could use some work. There should be a smaller stopper on the inside of the tube to remove some of the excess product from the applicator, especially considering that some of the shades need a thin first layer in order to dry down correctly. I end up having to wipe a lot of product off on the rim, making it messy. The applicator is a thin paddle with a slight curve. Easy to use.


None! Fragrance-haters rejoice! I personally don’t mind fragrance in my lip products, but I’m picky. I might be the only person in the world who hates the scent of vanilla, and since that’s the most popular scent for lip products, I’m super happy that these are fragrance-free.


These are very thin, but not watery. The formula clings to the applicator, so there’s no chance of dripping, but it goes on in a super thin, weightless layer. Naked was a tiny bit thicker than Time or Conspiracy, but not by much.

A couple of comparisons, this is thinner than Ciate, Ofra, Stila, and NYX. The only liquid lipsticks I’ve tried that are thinner than this are Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks (I no longer support him or the brand btw), and the ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

I couldn’t feel the glitter on my lips in the two metallic shades, Conspiracy and Time, but the glitter did remain on my lips even after I had removed the color. I didn’t mind having sparkly lips, but that may be a drawback for some.

These dry down completely to a finish that feels a bit like suede, very soft, non-sticky. You can rub or press your lips together once the product is completely dry and not have your lips stick together.


This varies from shade to shade. Conspiracy was the most difficult to apply because it won’t dry down unless you apply a very, very thin layer as your first coat. You’re then able to apply a layer of average thickness over top without issue, but it’s definitely a drawback for this shade. Conspiracy was a little drying, more so than I prefer in a liquid lipstick, but not unbearable.

Wear Time:

This started out well, I was completely amazed by how transfer-proof Conspiracy was at first. Nothing came off on the back of my hand, and nothing came off on my bottle of water. It seemed like it was repelling the water, which I’ve never experienced from a liquid lipstick before. It was around the three-hour mark that things started to head south. There was some slight wear from the rim of the water bottle, but once it started to wear down, the rest of it went pretty fast in the center of my lips. I wanted to see how well it held up to food, and unfortunately the answer is ‘not well’. Basically, once I started to eat, the lipstick started to disintegrate and crumble off. You can probably see in some of the photos below that there are little crumbles still on my lips. I wore Conspiracy for a total of 8 hours, but removed the other two shades once they had crumbled off in the center. I also wanted to see if these could be reapplied over the top of an existing layer of liquid lipstick or if I would have to take the whole thing off and start fresh with clean lips. Thankfully, I was able to apply a fresh coat and make it look presentable again as long as I brushed the crumbly bits off first.

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Conspiracy 12:15 pm freshly applied


A post shared by Cristine Crawford (@hey_itscristine) on Jan 30, 2017 at 6:58pm PST


Light wear around 2.5 to 3 hours in after 1 full bottle of water


It had also worn off around the corners of my mouth


8 pm after a meal, crumbly all through the center


My Experience:

This was a little bit uncomfortable to wear, but I’ve found Stila and ColourPop Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks to be more drying than this one. I could definitely feel it going on like a suction cup as it dried. This shade was also the most finicky in terms of application. I had to apply a very, very thin layer and let it dry completely before applying another coat. The first time I wore this shade, I applied a coat that was as thin as I would usually apply, but this caused it to never dry down. I didn’t have this issue with either of the other shades. Overall, I really like this shade, but it’s very finicky and not as long-lasting as I would like it to be.



*note: this shade is exclusive to the  Urban Decay  website


This shade was the easiest to apply, very smooth, and didn’t require any special tricks to get it to apply correctly. This was also the most comfortable shade to wear, surprisingly. It wasn’t as drying as the others.

My Experience:

Although I still had the same problem with the lipstick crumbling after a few hours, I much prefer the formula of Time over Conspiracy. It was easier to work with and more comfortable. I think Time is a gorgeous, unique color and I’ll definitely continue to wear this one in spite of its flaws. If this had been longer lasting, it actually would have been perfect.
Time freshly applied around 5 pm



Final check-in around 9 pm after dinner: worn, crumbly. Not the worst, but definitely not ideal.


*note: this shade is exclusive to the  Urban Decay  website


This shade was also easy to apply, though I’m not as happy with the result. You might be able to see on my top lip in the first photo, it looks like the product is kind of bunching up. Neither of the metallic shades did that, but with this one it was like it was already wanting to crumble and flake off right after it was applied. I think this shade is also a little bit chalky.

My Experience:

I don’t like this one. I don’t dislike it enough to return it, but enough that I probably won’t wear it very often. Although this was supposed to be a comfortable matte formula, I found this one to be very dry and uncomfortable. I also think it makes my lips look dry and cakey. Overall, I’m just not very happy with this one. I don’t think the formula is impressive, the color is probably easily dupable (just not in my collection because I typically don’t buy light pinks like this), and this didn’t wear well at all. This was already starting to crumble within 3 hours of application, and it was a hot mess in less than 8 hours. Most of us choose liquid lipsticks for their longevity or for the attractive matte finish, and this failed to perform in both of those areas.
Freshly applied around 1 pm
Showing the wear around the edges about 3 hours in (nails are Brook St. by Nails Inc.)
Final check-in around 7 pm after dinner: crumbly mess status


Final Thoughts:


Over promised and under delivered, just like a shitty boyfriend. *sigh* I love Urban Decay, they’ll always be my ride-or-die, but these were a disappointment. I would consider buying a few more of these because I think there are some unique colors in the line, especially the metallics, but formula-wise these aren’t at the top of my list. I would recommend Ofra and Ciate over these. Neither are waterproof or transfer proof, but both of those last longer, are more comfortable to wear, and are a similar price point. From the drugstore, I’d recommend the NYX Liquid Suede, which can be a bit drying, but they offer a more unique color range, wear well, and deliver a high-quality product at a great price point. You may still like the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks if you are more concerned about color than wear time, but overall I think these are going to be a pass for most people. I’d recommend the metallics over the comfort mattes because I think if you’re going to buy a product knowing it has a flawed formula, you might as well go for the more unique colors. I don’t think the comfort mattes are anything special, so you’re better off finding a dupe for those.

Here’s to hoping Urban Decay’s next release makes me remember what it felt like when our relationship was new, way back before we got Naked together.

Thanks for reading! You can also find me on Instagram @hey_itscristine 💋


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