December 21, 2016

Body and Fragrance Empties ::Empties Week Day 3::

Hello friends and welcome back for day 3 of Empties Week! Today is all about fragrance and body products, one of my favorite categories!

 Bath & Body Works Rain Kissed Leaves Shower Gel

Pros: Calming, clean scent
Cons: Price
I love Rainkissed Leaves, it’s one of my all-time favorite scents from Bath & Body Works. It’s such a calming, fresh scent. It’s what I always reach for when I’m in a bad mood or feeling sick. It’s earthy without being a dirty hippy smell, it’s like grass but more sophisticated. Bath & Body Works shower gels are totally overpriced, so I always buy them on sale.
Repurchase? Hell yes


Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle Twisted Peppermint

Pros: Festive, sweet scent
Cons: Polarizing scent
I absolutely love Twisted Peppermint in all if its forms, but my sister hates it, so this is definitely a polarizing scent. She says it’s too minty, whereas I feel the opposite is true, for me there’s too much vanilla and not enough mint. This year I picked up Peppermint Marshmallow instead, and she likes that one much better. To be honest, I kind of do too because I like marshmallow better than peppermint, but I’m totally picking up a smaller size of Twisted Peppermint during the semi-annual sale and burning it when she’s not home!
Repurchase? Yes


Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle Pomegranate Prosecco Punch

Pros: Fruity, not too sweet
Cons: kind of lackluster
I bought this one last year when they ran out of Champagne Toast, which I love for its bubbly scent. I was hoping this would have the same effervescent quality, but with a fruity twist. Unfortunately, it lacks the bubbly scent of Champagne Toast, but it is a nice pomegranate scent, just not something particularly unique.
Repurchase? No

 Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle Autumn Sky

Pros: Fresh, clean scent without any sharp notes
Cons: none
If you want something fresh, but you don’t like the typical lemon cleaner or fresh linen scents, try this. It makes your home smell clean in a nice soft, subtle way that I think a lot of people would like. It’s very much a “clean air” type of candle that doesn’t really smell of anything specific, just a general freshness.
Repurchase? Yes

 Bath & Body Works Shower Gel Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea

Pros: TEA!!
Cons: Currently MIA
This was a seasonal peach scent that I haven’t seen them bring back. The other peach scents from Bath and Body Works are ok, but this one was something special because of the tea note. Often tea notes barely make an appearance in a scent, even when they’re listed, they just tend to fade into the background. In this scent, there’s a perfect balance of peach and tea, which keeps it from smelling too sweet and gives me that tea note that I just love. I have another one of these stashed under the sink right now, I hope they bring this back before I run out!
Repurchase? Yessssss


Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Chamomile and Cucumber Scents

Pros: No white marks on clothing, doesn’t ball up or feel gross, hydrating
Cons: Price
These are a bit more expensive than a regular stick of deodorant (but cheaper than the “clinical” ones), but so, so worth it. I’ve loved Dove deodorant for years because it’s one of the few brands that makes a scent I can stand (I hate powdery scents!) and it works great for me. I was skeptical of the “dry spray” type deodorants but got a free can of men’s Degree from Walmart. I decided to try it out, and after loving that, I picked up a can of the Dove dry spay. I’ll never use anything else. It’s quick and easy to use, keeps me smelling fresh all day, works well as an antiperspirant (I know some people have health concerns about antiperspirant, I personally don’t), and doesn’t leave white marks on my clothes. The soothing chamomile is a really soft, fresh scent that pairs well with all of my perfumes, and the cool essentials scent is mix of cucumber and green tea. Neither are powdery or floral (I was expecting the chamomile to be too floral, but it’s actually not, just a really subtle, clean herbal) so I just buy whichever happens to be in stock. I love this stuff and can’t recommend it highly enough.
Repurchase? Yes to both.


Bath & Body Works Lilac Blossom Room Spray

Pros: Strong scent, a small can lasts a really long time
Cons: Too herbal for my liking
I hate the regular air fresheners from the grocery store, something in them just smells off to me and I’m usually not that interested in any of the scents. I use Bath & Body Works room sprays instead. I picked up a bunch on sale and tossed this one in to round out my total even though I’m not that into lavender. Mistake. This one is a really strong lavender to the point of almost being headache inducing. I finished it off, but I would definitely never buy this scent or any variation of it ever again. If you love lavender though, you’ll almost certainly love this.
Repurchase? Not this scent. but this product, yes.


Alchemic Muse Body Whip Nevermore

Pros: Very hydrating, non-greasy, supports small business
Cons: Have to buy it online without being able to smell it in person
I found out about Alchemic Muse through a beauty forum a while ago, and after seeing everyone there so obsessed with it, I decided to make an order myself so I could see what all the fuss was about. I get it now. The scents are creative and the formulas are outstanding. This is the best body butter I’ve ever used. It’s nice and thick, but doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It made my skin feel soft and hydrated in a way that most body butters don’t. I didn’t really like this scent because it had too much of a spice note for my liking, which is why I didn’t completely finish it before it expired. The fact that I was still reaching for it even though I didn’t like the scent really says something because I actually hate putting lotion on, the scent is usually the only thing that motivates me to do it. I’ll continue to purchase body butters from Alchemic Muse, I just wouldn’t purchase this particular scent again.
Repurchase? Not this scent, but yes to this formula.


Giorgio Armani Si (Scentbird)

Pros: Very feminine scent without being too immature, most people like it
Cons: Price
Si is one of those scents that most people just love, I get complimented on it all the time. It’s a fresh, juicy floral with a bit of sweetness that gives it a very feminine and romantic feel. Like most designer perfumes, it’s expensive, so I purchased a vial from Scentbird to give it a long test drive before deciding whether or not I wanted to purchase a full size. I’m still kind of on the fence about it even though I love this perfume because I switch fragrances so frequently depending on my mood, the weather, where I’m going, etc. that I’m worried it would go bad before I got through a whole bottle. I’m thinking I might just buy another vial of it from Scentbird, especially since I love to travel with this scent. If you wanna learn more about Scentbird, check out the link in the sidebar, which will get you your first month free.
Repurchase? Yes
Another batch of empties down, woohoo! Only two more days left of Empties Week. What are you looking forward to more, skincare or haircare? Let me know in the comments down below.
Thanks for reading!


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  • Cristine Crawford

    I was surprised by Si too, especially because it’s such a sweet scent and I typically go for fragrances that are musky, woodsy, and sort of androgynous. I love Si though, I think it’s beautiful. I hope your boyfriend buys it for you! 🙂

    March 30, 2019 at 10:03 pm Reply
  • Alyssa Thomas

    Giorgio Armani Si is one of those unexpected perfumes for me. At first I didn’t like it, but the dry down is very nice. My boyfriend complimented me when I wore it (I just have a sample) and said I smelled like cinnamon which is a smell I typically hate. I don’t know enough about perfumes to know if any of the notes in Si purposely smell like cinnamon. I wouldn’t be surprised if he bought it for me as a gift at some point because he mentioned it like a week later and asked if I could wear that for our date night, but I had used up the same and he seemed disappointed! LOL

    March 29, 2019 at 11:13 am Reply
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