July 10, 2016

[Review] Jini Beauty Box June 2016 Normal/Combination Skin

Hey friends. Now that I’ve had a chance to use everything in this month’s box, it’s time for me to share my thoughts with you.

If you haven’t heard of Jini Beauty Box before, they’re a monthly Asian beauty subscription box that retails for $24.95. The box usually contains mostly skincare, along with one makeup/cosmetic item per month. You’re promised 1-2 full size products and 3-5 samples. The unique premise with this box is that it’s curated by skin type (normal/combination, dry/mature, oily/acne, or sensitive/troubled). If you want to learn more about this box, I have an entire post here that explains everything about this box in-depth. I also have a review for last month’s box here if you’re interested. Ingredients for all of the products included in the box can be found here.

Disclaimer: I paid for this box with my own money. All views expressed are my own, authentic opinions. This post does not contain any affiliate links.

Holika Holika Glitter Nails, “Flower Shower” (Full size)

Retail value: $5.48 (Jolse)
Jini Beauty says:

Pretty up your nails with the sparkly shower of glitter in this Holika Holika nail polish. The pink, red, and white flecks will add a quick pop of dazzling color for summer!

Directions: Apply polish to bare nails over your usual base coat or as decoration over another nail polish.


I only applied this over an existing manicure briefly before taking it off, so I can’t attest to the wear time of this polish. What I can tell you, is that it applied smoothly and that the base has a red tint which showed up on the white polish I applied it over. The little red flowers did tend to gather near the bottom of the bottle, so you may need to shake the bottle and dig out the flowers with the wand if you’re specifically trying to get the flowers on your nails. All of the other glitter in the bottle applied easily. Overall, I like the polish and thought it was a nice inclusion as this month’s cosmetic item, especially since it arrived in plenty of time to use it for a 4th of July or Canada Day manicure.

Neogen Dermalogy I’ll Give You The Optimum Moisture Milk Cream Essential Mask  (Full size)

Retail value: ~$3.37 to ~$4.45 eBay $10.11 for a set of 3, Amazon $44.44 for a set of 10

Jini Beauty says:

Enjoy the milk, pine mushroom, and green bean infused in this mask from Neogen’s dermalogy series! These power ingredients help even out skin tone and blemishes and impart smoother and brighter skin overall.

Directions: (After Toner) Carefully place the mask over face and leave on for 20 minutes to allow for maximum absorption. Gently massage any leftover essence into skin.


The essence in this mask surprised me. I was expecting it to be a milky/lotion essence, but instead it was a clear, slightly thick essence that just smelled milky, though it was a slightly sweet powdery milkiness that reminded me a lot of shea butter, which isn’t actually an ingredient in this mask. The milk in this mask comes from milk protein extract. It also contains niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, grapefruit extract, and pea extract. This mask contains added fragrance, so I would probably avoid this one if you have a sensitivity. As for the actual scent of the mask, it wasn’t really noticeable while I was wearing the mask. The mask was made from thin cotton, not quite as thin as a silk mask, but definitely thinner than the majority of cotton sheet masks on the market. The mask had adjustment slits around the chin area only. The fit was pretty good for me, a tiny bit wide from cheek to cheek, but the lip flap wasn’t too big for me, which is usually my biggest trouble area with masks. There was a little bit of essence left over in the packet (about half a teaspoon), but the majority of it was coating the sheet mask, which was just short of dripping. It didn’t have any sort of backing, and I did have a little bit of difficulty unfolding this mask because it was so thin and so well-coated in essence. I wore the mask for 36 minutes, which is definitely longer than I should have, but I got distracted by Instagram, oops. Overall, the mask made my skin feel hydrated, which was awesome because my skin was super dry the night I used this. It left my skin feeling slightly slick, but didn’t feel filmy or tacky, especially once I added the rest of my skincare products. I liked the effect it created and would definitely use this again.

Purple Tale 5 Steps to Lovely Skin Kit (Full size)

Retail value: $7.99 PurpleTale, Beauteque
Jini Beauty says:

This 5-in-1 skincare kit is perfect for traveling and takes care of your entire skincare routine in one convenient pack. The products have been formulated with RGII, which is extracted from ginseng saporin through advanced fermentation technology, and repairs aging and damaged skin cells to deliver a youthful glow. The result is brighter, more even toned skin plus whitening, and your skin will feel supple and softer!

Directions: Tear off each packet and follow the instructions provided at each step for the foam cleanser, ampoule, bio-cellulose sheet mask, facial cream, and neck cream.


I’ve seen this all over Instagram and AB blogs, and it tends to get rave reviews, so I was pretty excited to try it. Oddly enough, the part of the kit I was most nervous about ended up being my favorite. Since there are five parts to this mask, I’m going to go ahead and discuss them separately.
Step 1 is the cleanser. It was a white cream-to-foam cleanser that smelled somewhat like SweeTarts with a hint of citrus. As I was rinsing it off, I could feel it stating to make my skin feel rubbery and squeaky clean, which is something that I personally don’t like. It did dry my skin out more than any of my regular cleansers do, but it didn’t make my skin feel stripped. (At the moment, my skin is slightly oily on my forehead and nose, and slightly dry on my chin and cheeks, but it easily delves into dehydrated or oily-dehydrated territory if I don’t work to maintain my skin’s balance) If I were to use this kit again in the future, I would probably just use my own cleanser, especially because I have enough trouble keeping my skin hydrated as it is. So, the cleanser was a bust for me.
On to Step 2, the ampoule. The ampoule was a clear, slippery serum that sank in quickly and easily, though it did feel kind of heavy on my skin, and had a slightly tacky finish. I didn’t notice any immediate effects from the ampoule besides it replacing some of the hydration I lost through cleansing. There was no discernible smell, despite the added fragrance that was in every step of this kit, so probably not something you would want to use on sensitive skin.
The sheet mask was Step 3, and unfortunately it was a bio-cellulose mask. Loads of people love bio-cellulose masks because they’re so good at clinging to every curve of your face. I, on, the other hand, feel like I have a trash bag clinging to my face, especially as the mask dries out and clings even tighter to my face. It’s a texture I just don’t enjoy in sheet masks, but I totally get the reasoning behind using a bio-cellulose mask right after an ampoule to aid penetration of ingredients. I think most people will enjoy this step, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.


It was a two-piece mask, divided like a hydrogel mask typically is, horizontally above the mouth. The essence was thick and slippery, and there was a ton of it left over in the package. That’s actually another downside to bio-cellulose masks, they don’t hold essence the way that cotton or silk do. As a result, they tend to dry out a bit quicker. I did apply a bit of the left over essence to my face before applying the mask though. The mask was wrapped in a very thin backing on both sides of both pieces of the mask. It was a bit difficult to unwrap, but the wrapping was definitely necessary because of the thinness of the mask itself. The fit was good overall, but the nose piece was a little too long for me. Keep in mind, though, I have a small nose, so this will probably fit most people, especially people with larger noses, just fine. The flap above the lip was super thin, so I was able to avoid the biggest problem I usually have with sheet masks. Yippee!
After the sheet mask comes the facial cream, Step 4. I lost my notes for the last two steps, unfortunately, so these will be from memory. I can’t remember what the face cream smelled like, since it was over a week ago, but I do remember thinking that it was just ok. There wasn’t anything particularly memorable about it, which is probably a good thing in this case, because it means it didn’t cause me any problems or frustrate me in any way. It did feel like it helped to seal in all of the other steps though.
My favorite step ended up being Step 5, the neck cream. I was actually terrified to use this because my neck is just as acne prone as my face, if not more so. Putting any form of skincare on my neck nearly always causes me to break out, and you can even see that I already had a blemish on my neck in the sheetmask photos above. I know how important skincare for your neck can be, especially when it comes to anti-aging, but I just can’t do it. However, this cream may change that for me. Not only did I love the texture of the cream and the way it sank into my skin, it didn’t cause me to breakout at all. It made my skin look and feel more hydrated. While the rest of the steps of this kit aren’t something I can see myself using again, I would definitely use the neck cream again. I’m still shocked that it didn’t break me out. I do love the concept of this skin kit, especially because it would be great for travel, but since a few of the steps didn’t really fit with my personal preferences, I probably wouldn’t use it again, with the exception of the neck cream and maybe the face cream.

Sulwhasoo Renewing Kit  (Deluxe Sample Size)

Retail value: $4.25 eBay, set of 2 kits (4 pcs total) for $8.50


The kit contains 2 items: the First Care Activating Serum and the Essential Firming Cream.

First Care Activating Serum (4 ml):

Jini Beauty says:

Rebalance your skin and replenish its nutrients with this first step serum. Milkvetch promotes natural skin circulation, while dwarf lilyturf and licorice boost the synergy of concentrated Korean medicinal herb extracts to restore skin’s healthy radiance. The serum helps prep your skin to “activate” its efficacy in receiving your next skincare products.

Directions: (After Cleanser) Apply the serum with your fingers and gently massage into skin to enhance penetration.


The serum was a thin, translucent, medium brown liquid that absorbed into the skin super quickly without leaving anything but smoothness behind. It had a strong herbal smell that I personally found to be very pleasant, but may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I felt like this was the type of product that you know is doing something for your skin, you just can’t pinpoint what. Maybe if I used it for longer, I’d be able to figure it out, but I’ve already finished off my sample of this and the full size is $84, so probably not buying that any time soon. I would consider purchasing more samples of it though, because ultimately I did like it.

Essential Firming Cream EX (5 ml):

Jini Beauty says:

This cream can be used for day or night to help firm and tone your skin. Adlay millet detoxifies skin and promotes elasticity, while pomegranate, ginko, and green tea extracts supply potent antioxidants to deliver radiance. Your skin will be nourished both inside and out!

Directions: (After Essence or Serum) Scoop out a tiny amount of the cream with your finger or a Q-Tip. A little goes a long way! Gently massage the cream into skin.

I definitely agree that a little bit of this goes a long way. It spread easily, and has a thin, lightweight texture. The scent of this is similar to the serum, but the scent is way more subtle. I’m about half-way through the jar now, and I haven’t noticed it firming at all, nor have I noticed any other effects beyond moisture. If I had to choose between the two, I’d definitely pick the serum, hands down. I think a cream that’s $95 for the full size should do more than moisturize. At least now I know it’s not something I’m interesting in purchasing.

Petitfee Premium Gold EGF Eye Patches (Full size)

Retail value: $10.98 Amazon
Jini Beauty says:

An innovative substitute for eye cream, these hydro gel eye patches are infused with EGF (epidermal growth factor) and pure gold to help stimulate cells and restore elasticity. They also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles while moisturizing, plumping, and firming the under-eye area with aloe vera, ginseng, caviar, and green tea extracts. One jar contains 60 gold-flecked eye patches, so there’s plenty to go around for nightly pampering!

Directions: (After Toner) Use the spoon to lift out a patch. Adhere patch to the under-eye area and leave on for 20-30 minutes.


This is one of the items I was most excited for this month, and it turned out to be the biggest let down. I have horrendous dark circles and often suffer from a dry undereye area, so eye patches are always something I’m wanting. However, they also tend to be the first thing kicked out of my cart when I’m trying to bring my total down, because I don’t really need them, I just want them.


The patches are made from hydrogel and come soaked in a thin, clear serum. I love that this comes with a little spatula, which is both helpful and hygienic. The patches are nice and large too. They cover from the bottom of my eyes all the way down to my cheek bones, and also curve up to cover the area where crows feet form. They feel nice and soothing at first, but then they begin to sting my skin near my cheekbones. At first I though it was maybe just an interaction with my acids, and tried using the patches on nights I wasn’t using acids. Still stung. Oddly, they never stung my eyes or the area immediately below them, but further down my cheeks. I didn’t have any active or even any healing acne spots there any of the times that I used them, so I don’t know what would cause them to sting. I’ve tested the serum on my arm, no stinging there. These also didn’t do much for me in the way of hydration, so for me, these are definitely a pass.


Also, something worth noting: these are a different shape than the “eye and spot patches” from the same brand. The eye patches from the eye and spot patches are thinner “C” shapes, rather than the swooshes you see above. If these didn’t irritate my skin, I’d say these were good eye patches because they fit well and stuck to my skin without me having to constantly readjust them. Unfortunately, these just didn’t work out for me.

Final Thoughts:

The total value of this month’s box was between $32.07 and $33.15

The stand-out products for me this month were definitely the Neogen mask, the PurpleTale neck cream, and the Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum. I really like that there’s been a variety of products in every box. A lot of other K-beauty subscription boxes tend to be all sheet masks, or if they are a mix of products, a lot of them tend to be gimmicky things that I would never get any use out of (that’s just personal preference, not throwing any shade). Even though not everything was a winner for me this month, they were at least all things that would potentially be useful to me. Have you tried any products from this month’s box? If so, let me know what you thought of them in the comments down below!

I would recommend this box to someone looking to try new products and expand their collection, or someone who wants to try Asian beauty products and doesn’t know where to start or what they should be using for their skin type. The info card that’s included every month is very helpful, so I feel like this box is very beginner friendly. They also include a full list of ingredients every month, which can be found here on their website. Reviews of all of the previous months’ boxes, as well as additional information about the service can be found here. If you’d like to subscribe to Jini Beauty Box, you can do so here. Additionally, Jini Beauty can be found on Instagram (they post spoilers for each month’s boxes!) and Twitter. I can also be found on Instagram and Twitter, come hang out with me!

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