February 10, 2016

MaskBox: Sheet Mask Subscription Box Review February 2016

Today I’ve got a brand new subscription box to share with you!

Maskbox is a monthly sheet mask subscription box. Each month you will receive between 2-6 masks, depending on the plan you choose. Plans start at $10. I’ll discuss the subscription options in more detail down below. Maskbox is based in Los Angeles and ships between the 5th and the 8th every month. The plan that I chose for my first month is the Combo Box, which contains 3 masks and retails for $10/month.

Disclosure: I purchased this product with my own money. All views expressed are my own, authentic opinions and experiences with the product. This post does not contain any affiliate links.

My MaskBox arrived in a sturdy cardboard envelope, with this cardboard pouch inside. It folds out to reveal the contents.

Bonus points for spelling my name correctly!

It contained a small note card, a sheet explaining how to use a sheet mask, and three masks.

February 2016 Combo MaskBox

 The Combo MaskBox is essentially a variety pack. The other box options are aimed at specific needs, such as anti-aging, or concepts, such as the Luxury MaskBox. Since I like to use a little bit of everything, I thought the Combo box would be the best fit for me.

These are the two Valsarea masks, Pearl on the left, and Royal Jelly on the right.
The first two masks are from the same brand, Valsarea, which I had never heard of before. I really appreciate that they’ve put in some masks that are more difficult to get in the U.S since many subscriptions tend to repeat the same brands and products. They’ve also translated the ingredients into English, which is really important for anyone who has any sensitivities or allergies. 
The downside to these being less well-known masks is that it’s difficult to track down any additional info on them, such as their price. I wasn’t able to find an active listing for either of these Valsarea masks anywhere, so I have absolutely no idea what their retail value is. What I can tell you is that they’re manufactured by Samsung and are sometimes also listed under the brand “FD Agency.” Valsarea has a physical store located in Tokyo. That’s where the info ends, unfortunately. I’ve tried numerous search terms, as well as the Korean and Japanese Google sites, but turned up very little. 
As for my personal experiences with these two masks, my feelings are a bit mixed. 

Valsarea Pure Essence Royal Jelly Sheet Mask

Price: edit 3/13/16— MaskBox is now selling a 10 pack of these for $30 on their website, so approximate value is $3. Still no idea what they sell for in Japan or any other Asian countries that have access to the Valsarea brand.


When I took it out of the package, it was soaked with clear essence, and there was about 1.5 teaspoons remaining in the packet. The mask was made from a slightly stiff cotton, but not so stiff that it was uncomfortable. It didn’t adhere well to my chin, but was fine everywhere else, aided by the small slits that made it adjustable. At first, the smell was sharp, almost a bit vinegary, which I think was the royal jelly. It quickly became a sweeter, softer smell after I applied it to my face. It was light, but noticeable for the duration of use. I kept the mask on for about 30 minutes, at which point it had started to dry out. The remaining serum was non-sticky and absorbed quickly. Afterwards, my skin felt hydrated and soft.
Didn’t adhere well to the chin and was a bit big above the lip, but that’s a common problem for me since I have so little space between my nose and my upper lip.


I liked it, but I don’t see myself repurchasing (assuming that I could actually find it anywhere). It was effective for hydrating the skin, and I really enjoyed the scent, but the fit wasn’t my favorite. It wasn’t a bad mask, I just have others that I like a lot better. I don’t actually know what the purpose of the mask is since it’s not anywhere on the packet and there’s no info card included, but judging by the ingredients, I’d say it’s meant to be anti-inflammatory. I didn’t really notice any anti-inflammatory effects, just softer skin.
Totally ripped into this before taking a picture. Oops. Sorry.

Valsarea Pure Essence Pearl Sheet Mask

Price: edit 3/13/16— MaskBox is now selling a 10 pack of these for $30 on their website, so approximate value is $3. Still no idea what they sell for in Japan or any other Asian countries that have access to the Valsarea brand.


My experience with this mask was very similar to the Valsarea Royal Jelly mask. It was soaked with clear essence, with about 1.5 to 2 teaspoons remaining in the packet. It was made from the same stiff cotton, but this mask didn’t have any scent. I wore this one for about 25-30 minutes before it started drying out. When I removed the mask, my skin felt a bit slippery, almost greasy to the touch. Not so much that I felt like something was sitting on my skin or that my skin felt dirty, it just had a bit more of an oily feel. I’d compare it to the slight bit of oil that’s left behind from an oil cleanser if you don’t remove it properly. My pores appeared to be a bit less noticeable, but that was the only effect that I noticed from this mask.


I didn’t really enjoy this one. I preferred the texture and scent of the Royal Jelly mask, plus I felt like it did more for my skin. I had the same problem with this mask: no idea what it’s supposed to do. Pearl is often used in brightening masks, so that’s my best guess.

Nature Republic Real Nature Shea Butter Sheet Mask

Price: $1.60-1.99 (not including shipping)


This mask was a thin cotton, soaked in a milky essence. There was very little essence left in the package, maybe a dime-sized amount. It had a light scent that reminded me of baby powder. I’m not a fan of powdery scents, but surprisingly this didn’t bother me while I was wearing the mask. The fit was good, it conformed to my face nicely and didn’t have any major gaps, though it did stick up a little where it met my hairline. I wore this one for 35 minutes, but easily could have worn it for another 10-15. My face was cold from the heater coming on (blows cold air first, stupid electric heat) and I wanted to go to sleep. The essence was very hydrating, which allowed me to skip moisturizer that night. It did leave a little bit of a sticky feeling, like lotion before it’s dry, but I could only feel it when I touched my face. It didn’t end up being a problem, and trust me, if it had, I’d have woken up with cat hair stuck to my face. Luckily, I didn’t.

A bit too big for my face, but a good fit overall.


This was my favorite of the three, and I would definitely repurchase this. I actually haven’t tried any of the Nature Republic Real Nature masks before, but after using this one, I plan to try the full line. The fit was very comfortable and it did a great job of hydrating my skin. This one did include a description in English on the packet: “shea butter nourishes the skin with a luminous glow,” which I definitely agree with.

Subscription Options:

$10/month. 3 masks per box. Choose from Hydration, Brightening, Anti-Aging, or Combo. 
$20/month. 6 masks per box. Choose from Hydration, Brightening, Anti-Aging, or Combo. 
$20/month. 2 masks per box. Luxury Box. This box features multi-step masks and hydro-gels. 
$40/month. 4 masks per box. Luxury Box. This box features multi-step masks and hydro-gels.
There is also an option to purchase a specially curated box as a one-time purchase, no subscription necessary. The current offering is the Girls Night In box for $40. Contains 12 masks. 
If you’d like to, you can subscribe here. You can also find MaskBox on Instagram and Twitter.

Final Thoughts:

I really like that they included masks I haven’t seen before, which I think gives them a possible advantage over other sheet mask subscription boxes. I’m curious to see if they’ll continue to send masks that are lesser known, I really hope so! Although the masks weren’t the highest quality, they were something I hadn’t seen before. I appreciate that they included a translation of the ingredients, but in the future I would really like to see some sort of info card included that explained what each mask was for and the retail price. I have no idea what the Valsarea masks cost, so I don’t know how much the total value of the box is**edit 3/13/16 total estimated value of the box is between $7.60-7.99, so for the value, no I would not recommend this subscription** Shipping was super quick since they’re based in Los Angeles. 
Overall, I think MaskBox is off to an ok start, but like any new company, there are a few kinks to work out. I have some mixed feelings, but I want to see how the future mask selections develop. Congrats on the launch Tammy and Bryan!

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