December 9, 2015

Fancy Meeting You Here

Welcome to my blog. As you may have guessed, I’m Cristine (no ‘h’ thank you very much). This blog is still under construction, but I wanted to go ahead and introduce myself so that we can get this whole awkward situation out of the way and start chatting about the fun stuff.

So, a little about me. I’m a Nevada native, born and raised, 23 years old, and am currently a full-time student working on a degree in Communications with a minor in Business. Aside from all things beauty, my other interests include music, TV, movies, documentaries, and history. I love combining my nerdier passions with my love for beauty products and spend a good bit of time reading about things like the history of makeup, the science of skincare (aka the rabbit hole I’m currently in), and the art of perfumery. Those are some of the topics you can expect me to cover here, along with the usual reviews, swatches, looks/tutorials, and the occasional good old-fashioned beauty babble. When it comes to beauty products, I don’t really have one set niche that interests me, I love it all! From natural to full glam, grunge to glitter, and bold colors to soft neutrals, it’s all in my makeup collection, not to mention my skincare stash which includes both western and Asian products, and my perfume collection which includes both mainstream and indie fragrances. I’m also a fan of Bath & Body Works candles, which we’ll probably chat about at some point (wow omg a beauty blogger that likes candles, how original).

So, if you love beauty products or are just interested in getting the scoop on a product or technique, stick around because no matter what your beauty-related interests are, there’s probably going to be something here for you.

Also, a quick word on some of my policies. First and foremost: honesty. This is super important to me and as such, I want to make it clear that this is and always will be a completely honest blog. I wouldn’t lie to my friends about a beauty product, and I won’t lie to you either. I do occasionally receive products to review from companies such as BzzAgent and Influenster, but I consider the merits and flaws of a product as if I had purchased the product with my own money. Also, in reviews I’ll always be sure to let you know if I purchased a product with my own money or if it was sent to me. Even though I feel I can still judge a product fairly if it was sent to me, I believe that transparency is important, especially when it comes to beauty products given the amount of dishonesty in the beauty community. Finally, my reviews are, for the most part, based on my personal experiences with the product, and as such what works for me may not work for you. When I review products, I try my best to explain why a product did or did not work for me (including some research-y bits here and there!), and to also consider who a product might work for depending on skin texture, tone, and preferences. I still highly encourage you to check out multiple reviews before purchasing a product (I always do!).

I think that just about covers all of the ‘getting to know you’ bits and bobs, so what d’ya say, wanna be friends? If so, be sure to subscribe to this blog to stay up to date with new content and come say hi on my other social media platforms.

Here’s where ya can find me on Instagram and Twitter, or if email’s more your speed you can contact me at heyitscristinec@gmail.com

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